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In accordance with Article 11 of its Notorial Deed of Trust, the following individuals are currently serving on the Board of Trustees the Botswana Media Consultative Council (BMCC):
Dr. Jeff Ramsay (PH) ( - Well known periodical columnist and historian, as well as the Principal of Legae Academy in Gaborone, he has previously served as Vice-Chairperson of MISA-Botswana, Chairperson of the private sector media policy task force that negotiated the Broadcasting Act of 1998, member of the interim Media Consultative Committee, and Executive Committee Secretary of the now defunct Gaborone T.V. Owners Association. One of two BMCC nominees to the Media Advisory Council, he has also represented the private sector media at the High Level Consultative Council.
Mr. Rampholo Molefhe ( Pioneer private sector journalist, he is the Director of Penlite News Agency and Secretary-General of the Botswana Journalists Association and one of its nominees to the Media Advisory Council, he has previously served as the media representative to the Presidential Task Group on a Long Term Vision for Botswana and a member of the interim Media Consultative Committee.
Mr. Billy Masebola ( - He is the Financial Manager of the Cheshire Foundation of Botswana, a charitable NGO involved in the rehabilitation and training of the handicapped.
Executive Secretary
Ms Antoinette O Chigodora ( - She is the Managing Director of the TLC IT Consultancy firm in Gaborone. She was previously in charge of technical support for Info Botswana Information Services. She also currently chairs the BMCC sub-committee on New Information Technologies.
Additional Trustees:
Mr. Phil McCowen ( - Chairperson of the Visual Media Production Sub Committee, he is a self employed film and video producer/director, freelance cameraman,and stills photographer, trading as PMA Productions,( Phil McCowen & Associates).
Mr. Mike Klinck - Chairperson of sub-committees for Fundraising and Corporate Communications, he is the Acting Chairperson of the Botswana Journalists Association and Communications Manager of Barclays Bank Botswana, he is also well known as a popular radio DJ and has served on the Board of MISA-Botswana and the interim Media Consultative Committee.
Mr. Epena Ngatangue - Elected to represent Public Media workers, he is an editor with the Botswana Press Agency.
Mr. Mmualefe Raditladi - Popular columnist and pioneering senior Botswana journalist, as well as retired civil servant, he has previously served as the founding Vice-Chairperson of MISA-Botswana and on the Executive Committee of BOJA.
Ms. Charity Santagane ( - Public Affairs information Officer for the United Nations Development Programme in Botswana, she previously worked for Botswana Press Agency.
Mr. Joel Sebonego - Managing Director of Highlights Enterprises and a BBC Worldservice correspondent, he has previously served as the editor of the Botswana Guardian, Midweek Sun newspapers,News Editor for GBCTV, Information Officer for MISA-Botswana and member of the interim Media Consultative Committee. He is the second BMCC nominee to the Media Advisory Council.
Mr. Barolong Seboni ( - Senior Lecturer in Humanities at the University of Botswana and popular author of poerty and prose, he is also well known for his work in radio and as both a local and regional newspaper columnist. He has founded edited several magazines, newsletters and journals over the years including Marang, Mokwadi, Mahube and Rays of Culture.
Ms. Rumbi Serima ( - Managing Director of Access Botswana, an information technology centre.
Mr. Tom Whitney ( - Chairman of the Botswana Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising and Managing Director of Marketing Communications. He has recently joined the Media Advisory Council.
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